Our services

Formation, administration and management of foundations and corporations

We advise you on the appropriate legal form and carry out the necessary activities to establish the requested structures, including administration and management of the structures.

Provision of resident agent services

By law, resident agents of foundations and corporations have to be Panamanian law firms. Thanks to our Panamanian network, we can provide you with resident agent services.

Advice on implementation of corporations and other entities in a range of jurisdictions

Through our ATU Group network, we can advise you regarding structures based in particular in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Advice on inheritance and succession planning

Our extensive international experience makes us the perfect choice to provide advice on inheritance and suc­cession planning issues.

Representative offices with infrastructure

We advise, prepare and set up representative offices with infrastructure for your corporation.

Set-up and administration of a representative office with the desired infrastructure

  • Provision of basic operations such as e-mail exchange and telephone calls

Advice on and set-up of representative office with the desired infrastructure

  • Establishment of a full Panamanian subsidiary with the desired equipment and infrastructure

Residency and citizenship

There are several special permits that grant residency and citizenship. We will guide you in choosing the permit that is right for you based on your requirements. Moreover, together with our Panamanian network, we will walk you through the entire process and deal with all the procedures and formalities required to obtain said permit.

Real estate

Through our Panamanian network, we can help you choose the right property to best suit your requirements, desires and any further specifications.


Side by side with our accounting and equipped with the renowned Peachtree Premium Accounting software, we offer reliable bookkeeping services at an affordable price.

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  • Strategy
  • Vision
  • Trust

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